The Borealis Sailing Centre (the Centre) is a school or a club?

The Centre is a non-profit organization that brings together beginners and advanced members who share their knowledge in the practice of sailing.

What distinguishes the Centre from other sailing organizations?

The Centre is run by volunteer members elected to the Board of Directors at the Annual General Assembly and also by members who participate in various committees throughout the year. Thanks to the sharing of tasks, registration fees are kept at a very reasonable cost. Whether for a day of fun on the water, training in sailing, becoming certified or becoming a skipper, the Centre offers its members all these opportunities and more, and always in both official languages.

What is the structure of the Centre?

The Centre is administered by a Board of Directors and several committees (Supervisory Committee, Social Committee, Marketing Committee, to name a few). Other responsibilities are sometimes delegated to teams (such as the Maintenance Team) or members. Please note that all tasks are performed by volunteer members.

What does the Centre offer its members?

  • Coaching for new members to facilitate their integration
  • Supervised outings where members can sail throughout the summer and learn the different techniques at their own pace
  • On-demand structured training by certified instructors
  • The opportunity to enjoy a sailing-cruise vacation in Canada such as Georgian Bay and Lake Huron
  • Social activities throughout the year

Can I try before joining?

Anyone interested in trying can enjoy one free outing as a guest. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also, our Trial Sailing program allows you to make multiple outings and convert to the Sail All Summer program.

Does the Centre have regulations?

Yes, the Centre’s operational policies and regulations are designed primarily to ensure the safety of the crew and boats while providing learning opportunities and guaranteed enjoyment. As a member, you will be required to read and follow these rules and procedures.

How do I reserve my sailing outing?

Our two keelboats usually sail twice a day depending on the availability of skippers and the weather. Check our online calendar for all outings. Get in contact with the skipper assigned to the outing you are interested in to reserve a spot. Finally, arrive at the marina (at the dock where the boats are moored) at the agreed time to meet your crew. It's that simple!

What happens on my first outing?

Any new member must inform the skipper that this is his or her first outing. The skipper will show you the boat and its components and review basic procedures. With the skipper or crew, you will go over the boat checklist before departure. The skipper will then review the process to leave the dock with the entire crew and assign you a role during this maneuver. Once on the river, the skipper and crew will share the basic sailing techniques with you. The outing will take place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.