Members learn by doing and increase their knowledge by putting their skills to the test. A typical daytime outing includes a morning sail, mooring the boat for lunch and a swim, and then more sailing until late afternoon.

The Centre participates in weekly regattas. Fridays are often reserved for "Thank God Its Friday" outings, where members get together after the sail for socializing over snacks and drinks at the Marina. It’s a great time to get to know your fellow sailors and even form lasting friendships through a shared passion.

Short sailing cruises on the Ottawa River are organized periodically to introduce members to life on board. In addition, week-long sailing cruises can be booked on larger bodies of water such as Georgian Bay. During these cruises, members will learn the techniques of sailing as well as the logistics necessary for the organization of such cruises.

And in the background, the Maintenance Team never rests so that any necessary maintenance or repairs are handled quickly to ensure uninterrupted sailing and the safety of all members. Maintenance is important throughout the year to secure a long life for our boats.