Membership Fee

You may register for "Annual membership only". It allows you to be kept informed of the Centre's activities and provides access to a single sailing outing during the season. It also comes with the privilege of participating in the members' Annual General Meeting.

Note that registration for annual membership is a prerequisite to register for any of our sailing programs. The annual membership fee is added to the rate for the sailing program at the time of registration.  If you register in a sailing program after having first registered for the annual membership only, membership fees already paid will be credited. Please note that the fees for the annual membership are not reimbursable.

The Center collects the Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) as well as the Quebec Sales Tax (QST) on the Centre's annual membership fees and on the rate of all sailing programs, except on the portion of the rate which represents the fees for the subscription to the FVQ.  These tax amounts are added at the time of registration and are not included in the displayed rate of the sailing programs.

To register, click on SIGN UP.

Annual basic membership fee

40.00 $