Late registration

Persons who discover the Centre later in the season may register for a reduced rate in the "Late Registration" program to enjoy the same benefits as those registered in the "Sail all Summer" program. The "Late Registration" program is valid from August 1st onward until the end of the season.

The "Late Registration" program is available exclusively to persons who are registering at the Centre for the first time.

Keelboat sailing is a sporting activity at risk of injuries. The "Late Registration" program includes an annual individual subscription to the Fédération de voile du Québec (FVQ) which provides among other advantages an accident insurance. Individual FVQ membership fees are added at the time of registration. 

The annual membership fees for the Centre are added to the rate of the sailing program at the time of registration and are not included in the displayed rate. These fees are not reimbursable.

The Center collects the Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) as well as the Quebec Sales Tax (QST) on the Centre's annual membership fees and on the rate of all sailing programs, except on the portion of the rate which represents the fees for the subscription to the FVQ. These tax amounts are added at the time of registration and are not included in the displayed rate of the sailing program.

Please note that fees paid towards the "Late Registration" program are not reimbursable.

To register, click on SIGN UP.

Late registration (starting August 1st)

438.36 $