Sail all Summer

For registrations completed by December 31st at the latest, members registered for Sail all Summer may pay in either one or two payments. Payment in two instalments is however not available for the program intended for persons aged from 12 to 17 years. 

The Centre will reimburse a member who withdraws from the Sail all Summer Program prior to the start of the season as indicated on the schedule published on the web site. The amount of the reimbursement will be equal to the amount paid by the member, less annual membership fees of $35.

The Centre is not responsible for outings or on-water training sessions that are cancelled due to bad weather conditions, boat repairs or unavailability of skippers. Accordingly, there will be no refunds, transfers or credits to members or guests for cancelled outings or training.

Payment in two instalments is not available for this program.

Please present a copy of birth certificate for youth aged 12-17 years of age at the time of registration (proof of age as at June 1st).